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From it's roots in the old world, Detroit's square pizza is a one of a kind culinary marvel.  From it's creation over 75 years ago, Detroit style pizza has been spreading across the country and is now located on the streets of sunny Pasadena. 


Fuji & Vi's will introduce the iconic square pizza cooked in a pan with the cheese that goes from edge to edge generating a golden, caramelized crust and sauce placed on top and traditionally in stripes.

Where did the origins of Fuji & Vi's come from you wonder?

Having grown up in Michigan, the owner, Michael Oranchak developed a strong liking for the original Detroit Style Pizza restaurants; especially during his time studying Architecture at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield Michigan.

After graduating and moving to the east coast, Michael worked for almost 15 years in high end residential and commercial architectural design.  However, there was an empty void where his beloved Detroit style pizza should have been.  Because of this void, Michael began teaching himself how to make the traditional square pizza baked in a pan with cheese that goes from edge to edge with cooking knowledge he has acquired over years of helping his Mother and Grandmother.  Having moved to CA, in 2018, Michael's desire to create his own brand and bring authentic Detroit style Pizza to the west coast began to grow until he decided to take the leap and make it happen.  After years of development and planning, we have finally reached the point where we can share with you, one of the greatest styles of pizza in the world.

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